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Since establishment in 1987, ANADOLU METALURJİ, has worked hard to bring into the country a facility capable of manufacturing an entire range of rolling mill rolls needed by iron, steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metal sectors in addition to manufacturing of machines and equipment’s requiring high precision and quality specific to the sector and today in a well-deserved manner, has realized its goal. ANADOLU METALURJİ plant has 11.000 sq. mts. of indoor, 100.000 sq. mts. of outdoor space and has an annual production capability of tons including 3.500 tons of rolling mill rolls. With one of the largest machining plants in Turkey, ANADOLU METALURJİ has achieved a major accomplishment and became a leading company in its field in a short time with its experienced staff and global partners.

Since establishment in 1987, Anadolu Metalurji continues its production activities with its professional team and wide experience. Also, by joining in with BRT Group in 2018, Anadolu Metalurji is forging ahead on the road to become an important player in the sector.

BRT Group, founded in 2009, is a privately held company operating in iron-steel, nonferrous metals, energy, construction and logistics industries. BRT Group and affiliates are aimed to serve its customers with the best quality and reliable products through an innovative approach, while giving priority to customer satisfaction. As BRT Group, we always try to respond our customers’ needs quickly with our devoted and highly qualified staff, our affiliates and references. Our company produces auxiliary equipment needed by industries as notably iron-steel, cement, mining, textile, energy and defense, also continues development with aiming high added value special production. 


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